Memory Foam Nano Graphene Pillow


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The best way for extra comfort and support through the night. The Vantec Nano Graphene Memory Foam Pillow has superior health benefits compared to any other

Our Nano Graphene technology is unique to Vantec. We use materials that induce a natural process combining nano-knives and oxidative stress to break down harmful bacteria. This means our pillows are naturally antibacterial and an excellent thermal conductors with far-infrared properties which promote blood circulation, all while you sleep.

Our unique Vantec Graphene memory foam pillow is embedded with our innovative graphene quantum dots. This innovative hybrid memory foam quickly adapts to the curves of your neck while retaining its supportive shape, offering the ideal balance of head and neck support for the perfect night’s sleep. The pillow is encased with a highly breathable and antibacterial graphene knit cover, absorbing sweat easily to keep you sleeping in the ideal head position for longer.

Made to fit standard-sized pillows, the Vantec Nano Graphene Memory Foam Pillow can accommodate all standard pillow covers, effectively making it not just a healthy addition to your bedroom, it’s wonderful for décor options so you can mix and match colours and designs.

This excellent product is one of our premium bedding range items.


  • Graphene quantum dots
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Sweat-wicking cover
  • Antibacterial and hygienic pillow
  • Far infrared graphene technology
  • Medium profile


  • Standard 65x40x12cm


  • Grey


  • 1100g of 100% Polyurethane Memory foam with Graphene Quantum Dots GQDs
  • Outer cover made from 300gsm 58% polyester/25% rayon & 17% nylon (infused with
    graphene) to make a knitted fabric
  • Inner cover is made from 165gsm 100% polyester knitted fabric


  • Air frequently
  • Graphene knit cover is machine washable