Sleepy People’s Top Tips for a Perfect Quilt Day

Sleepy People's Top Tips for the perfect sleep.

Quite simply, there’s nothing like a sleepy day.

Literally kicking back, tucking yourself into the warmth of your bed, and giving yourself essential and energising time off from the world.

The key is to make sure you prep a little first – a rest day should be about luxury, rest and relaxation. The best way to achieve that is with beautiful bedding and complete comfort. So here are our top tips on how to make sure your ‘me time’ is the best time.

Pillow perfection

A proper pillow is central to a good duvet day – you won’t spend all your time sleeping: the idea is to read, relax, maybe even snack, while watching TV or listening to a podcast. Designed to relieve pressure while supporting your head and neck, the U Shaped pillow is your perfect prop.

Delight in your quilt

The wrong kind of quilt can get bundled within its cover, too sweaty and too claustrophobic. The right kind depends on what temperature you like your bed to be. Our range of duvet sets includes down and hollowfibre fillings in a range of togs and finishes, to ensure you have the best bedding experience. 



The best bedding

There is no better feeling than crisp, quality sheets and Dreamaker has a range of stunning bedding sets that will suit all types of décor, whether your home is contemporary, minimalist or traditional. 



Blankets and more

Top of bed accessories are very important when it comes to a quilt day. Think cushions, blankets, throws – they can be used to protect the duvet cover as well as providing extra comfort and style. With this stylish throw, your bed will look and feel so inviting, you’ll never want to leave.

Some other top tips – bring a jug of water and a glass to your bedside table. Stock up with the best books, magazines and podcasts. Keep the lighting gentle and open the windows slightly to ensure the room is fresh. Enjoy snacks, but ensure they don’t make too much mess: you don’t want to be lying in crumbs. Keep your phone nearby, but not to hand. Social media is not the order of the day – remember, this is all about you!