Sherwood Home Foldable Bamboo Laundry with Lid - Large


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Keep your home free of laundry mess and clutter without sacrificing style, and visual appeal with the Sherwood Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Lid.

Sherwood’s sturdy laundry basket & hamper organises, looks good, matches your interior décor and works great to keep your space free of dirty laundry clutter. The creative non-woven Sherwood Laundry hampers bamboo design adds a visual appeal and lovely accent to any room you put it in.

Sherwood’s Laundry hampers folding feature allows you to save space and keep the laundry hamper away securely when not in use. Featuring a liner and bamboo lid, Sherwood Laundry Hamper with a lid helps you keep dirty laundry securely stored away.

Shop yours today, and keep your home free of dirty laundry clutter.

• Keeps Your Home Organised
• Foldable Design
• Sturdy And Durable
• 100% Natural Bamboo
• Unique Non-Woven Bamboo Design
• Space-Saving Organiser
• Store Dirty Laundry Securely
• Easy Assembly

• 38.8x38.8x58cm

• Natural Bamboo

• Bamboo

Care Instructions:
• Keep Away From Heat
• Do Not Place Heavy Items On The Laundry Hamper